Do you have a Storefront? Wheres the Vintage Clothes?

We have a storefront within ThrowBack Junction in Bakersfield CA filled with killer vintage clothes, furniture, and our shop tees and releases!

Why hasn't my order shipped?

Here at Revolution Vintage, we are working on a pre-order system. It takes 4-6 weeks for the records to get cut, the jackets to be hand printed and for us to assemble and ship your record!

When do we expect our records to ship?

We put the ETA to us in every records information. We are currently in the time of covid, so add/subtract a few days from that date. Everything about the records are hand made, and they are cut in real time. a 40 minute record takes 40 minutes to make, multiply that by 25/50/75, so like we said before, we'll be shipping around the date posted in the Records info!

I have a bunch of old rock and roll t shirts, and sweet vintage clothes I don't want anymore. Are you interested?

HELL YEAH WE ARE! Shoot Beth an email over at RevolutionVTG@gmail.com and well set up a zoom call to see what you got and well go from there!

What kind of pizza do you like?

Sammy Kay here, I prefer a good pepperoni with fresh garlic and extra cheese.

Beth Kay on the other hand is a traditionalist. Plain Cheese Pizza all the way!

Will you put out our record?

MAYBE! Shoot your tunes over to RevolutionVTG@gmail.com and well check it out!

Why is international shipping so much?

We have NO IDEA, but we think it SUCKS!